Perfected Tech

Our Team

We place great importance on values of learning, sharing, innovation, exploration, and work-life balance. We truly believe in what we do, and we want to share our passion with our clients on every project. We love building web and mobile apps that exceed our clients’ expectations, and we love helping our clients reach out to customers through apps to grow their business.

Alexander Aviv Callander

Founder & CEO

Perfected Tech Founder and CEO Alexander is well known for his honesty as well as his ability to apply vision and action to go against conventional norms. A dedicated problem solver in the office, he enjoys combining different technologies and approaches to form grand and innovative solutions. After working for more than a decade in the high-tech industry, Alexander has a diverse work history that gives him the foundation to move forward.

Gabriel Shapiro

Business Development

Gabe has broad experience in high-tech, where he’s served in various roles from assistant counsel to product manager. Gabe was part of a founding team of investors and operators in a company that was recently acquired with a very successful exit. Now as head of Business Development at our New York City office, be sure to utilize his experience and pick his brain!

Sarah Zinger

Online Marketing Manager

As the online marketing manager, Sarah is in charge of conceiving and leading communication & PR strategies at Perfected Tech. Prior to joining Perfected Tech, she worked at high-tech companies helping with online marketing and partner development. Highly creative, she is always looking for new ways to raise brand awareness. This creativity also helps when the time comes to sneak vegetables into her children’s food.

Tali Rosen

Project Manager

Always curious and always looking for new challenges, Tali can usually be found programming in the Angular.js/Loopback Environment, although she also enjoys dabbling in C# projects. Tali is goal-oriented and has a knack for coming up with a directed plan of action for any issue. She can also solve a Rubik’s cube in under two minutes, which may or may not make her the fastest Rubik’s cube solver in the office.

Chayim Ehrman


As one of Perfected Tech’s in-house cross-platform mobile development experts, Chayim usually has a lot to say. Chayim has a unique ability to see a project from the large overview perspective, and at the same time, delve into the small but tough issues that arise on a day-to-day basis. Chayim’s diverse background includes a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, as well as hands-on work developing state-of-the-art unmanned vehicles as part of his military service.

Yehuda Babayof


Tech wizard Yehuda can often be found dealing with the backend design of servers and databases using Loopback, Node.JS and C# integration and working with Real Time Digital Signal Processing and Machine Learning. Outside of servers and databases, his tech skills are wide-ranging, and include Computer Vision, DSP, Machine Learning, and 3D Graphics programming. Yehuda studied at a prestigious university, where his name was a steady appearance on the Dean’s List.

Ratko Solar


In addition to his tech skills, front-end programmer Ratko is also gifted at estimating exactly how long it will take to complete a project. For this reason, Ratko is Perfected Tech’s go-to man for quotes and project estimates. He is always extremely reliable with everything he is given to do, and his professionalism is second to none. His programming skills cover a wide range of coding languages including Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 and secondary PHP, WordPress, and AngularJS.

Giulia Cecchetti

Creative Graphic Designer

Creative graphic designer, Giulia is specialized in User Interface and Brand Identity. Her style is very clean and always up-to-date with current trends. As she loves vector graphics, her daily bread is Adobe Illustrator, but she also masters all the other Adobe Suite programs. She is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Bologna, to become a developer.

Tzvi Corn


Ask Tzvi to calculate any large mathematical problem, and you’ll have a right answer in a matter of seconds – no pen, paper, or calculator required. In addition to being the office math wiz, Tzvi is also one of Perfected Tech’s cross-platform mobile development gurus. He approaches every technical issue logically and methodically and has a reputation for getting things done. He is devoted to his work and loves algorithmic challenges.

Sarah Heiman

Product Success Engineer

Sarah ensures that our clients are happy and that their products are exactly what they want. She encourages and fosters good relationships and positive communication between our company and clients. A great writer and creative thinker, Sarah is also our resident content writer and assists with creative marketing and social media efforts.

Boris Talesnik


Experienced in C, C++, Java, C# and General Image Processing, he loves to find the most elegant solution for a problem. He is passionate in mathematics and solving puzzles. Skilled at finding the correct approach to dealing with technical issues while being flexible and practical.

Neria Saada


Neria is a web developer and Perfected Tech’s resident JavaScript ninja. Some of his specialties include angular.js, node.js, and mobile app development. While he appears quiet and calm in the office, Neria’s code and work ethic is strong and loud. He never backs away from a challenge and is always willing to take the lead when it comes to problem-solving. His mission in the office and at home is to remind everyone that anything is possible.

Niso Zakuto

Developer Intern

Niso is a Junior Developer. Though he is relatively new in the industry, he is a quick learner. He is a hard worker, self-motivated, team player and gets things done. Regardless of a task given, he will make it happen. His core experience is with C# and with Android. He is currently finishing his studies in Computer Sciences at Okan University, where he continues to improve his skill set. Besides coding he is interested in photography and practices his photography in his projects.

Itay Abulafia


An end-to-end web developer, Itay spends most of his days building backend servers using NodeJS and LoopBackJS, and focusing on client applications using AngularJS. Highly spirited and motivated, Itay meets up with every challenge he encounters using his expertise in problem-solving and eagerness to learn. Completing his BA in Computer Science at the Hebrew University, Itay has a sharp mind for algorithms and wide understanding in databases. In addition to designing, Itay is an experienced DiveMaster, leading dives around the world.