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Our vision, values, and practices are our keys to success. We are an industry-leading, cutting-edge mobile technology development company. Our goal to serve you, our client, and to establish a lasting relationship built on the following three core principles:

Honesty, Innovation, and Professionalism

Any partnership is based foremost on honesty.

When it comes to honesty, there are no exceptions. Honesty begins with the individual and extends to our team and client. We don’t hide behind complex technical words that can misconstrue facts. We take pride in our hard work, and we make the development process transparent so that you understand and evaluate the work yourself — even if you’re not a technical person. We uphold industry standards for best practices, and our policy is to build code at the same level as published work examples.


We don’t like the word “expert” attached to a particular technology. In the ever-changing technology realm, the only experts are the ones who embrace change. That’s why we put substantial importance on continued learning and education. We are actively building our community’s understanding of technology–we host technology lectures, support many non-profit outreach organizations with technological needs, and place emphasis on teaching, as we believe teaching is a critical stage of learning.


At Perfected Tech, we place great importance on values about learning, sharing, innovation, exploration, and work-life balance. Our work environment is not merely about punching the clock; we believe in what we do, and want to share our passion with our clients on every project we do. We love building web and mobile apps that exceed our clients’ expectations, and we enjoy helping our clients reach out to customers through apps to grow their business.

and furthermore,
our culture is unique

To achieve better results, we’ve totally transformed the way our team works together.

First, we have no titles or ranks. Instead, everyone assists on a project and everything is open to a debate on an improvement no matter who or what is being challenged. We encourage dialogue among our team to produce the best product.

Second, we pair developers with projects based on passion rather than expediency or a simple need to get the job done. If we don’t have a team suitable for the job, we will not take it; we are looking for long-term partners and passion is required for long-term success.

And third, we rigorously respect the balance of work life and personal life. Too many firms spread their developers thin by assigning them to too many projects. When this happens, the projects suffer and so do the developers. We are not like other firms, and this is not the way we work. We have a maximum weekly hour allocation for each developer, after which they are required to go home to their family and friends and unplug. Our work culture leads to a healthier workplace experience and ultimately a better end product for the client.

Offices in NYC and Israel

With offices in New York City and Israel, Perfected Tech has its home in two of the top start-up and hi-tech countries of the world. We are a leading development firm that specializes in first-rate mobile, web, and enterprise-grade systems using AngularJS, NodeJS, IBM StrongLoop, and Xamarin technologies. It’s important that we can provide our clients open access and abundant resources from the elite hi-tech resources available in our regions.


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